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What Customer Say About Us

Thankful Saiva Siddhantham is awesome, teach's go deep into the traditional and meditative angles By Sakthi Saravanan, and my spouse and I continuously take off feeling distant and superior to when we came. The educators are moreover continuously willing to stay after lessons and reply to any questions to help you make your homework for you. Exceedingly suggested!


The exceptionally to begin with the start of Secret Siddhantham for My Mind with you and I am so committed and in wonder when the intellect and body come together as one. I ponder every day and harvest the benefits from that as well. The genuine change for me is that I am at last calm, with a tranquil body, intellect, and soul.

Ramesh Kumar

I needed to let you know that I feel completely brilliant. Was it the breathing? Starting sun-salutations? (Truly, not a favorite of mine.) The pieces? The turns? The instruction? Perhaps...the entire involvement! I feel "long", and mentally in a very great place.